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Contact Us By Calling 205-995-9967

We ask that you limit your phone calls to urgent needs only. We see a large volume of patients in our office each day and we believe that those patients are our priority. When you are evaluated and treated by a clinician at Southern Pain Specialists you will have his or her complete attention. We cannot provide this one-on-one service and still attend to a large volume of patient phone calls.

Patients should contact the office immediately if they have had a procedure or surgery recently and feel they may be experiencing a complication such as fever greater than 101 degrees, neck stiffness, drainage from a procedure or surgical site, or extremity weakness, numbness or tingling that is new or present for greater than 48 hours after a procedure. Other examples of appropriate patient phone calls are to reschedule or cancel an appointment, report side effects to new medications prescribed, or to report a new or changed medical condition, which could impact their treatment.

We do not return phone calls to discuss imaging or procedure results, to discuss the treatment plan or to request medication changes. If your procedure or medications are not working, if your pain status has changed, or if it has been greater than 6 months since your last visit with us then we request that you schedule a follow-up visit.

Please remember that calling repeatedly during the day does not speed up a return call it simply slows down our ability to efficiently and effectively attend to all of our patients’ needs.

Your cooperation in adhering to these phone call guidelines will improve the overall care we are able to provide to all of our patients. Our goal is to provide each of our patients with the best we have to offer in pain intervention, therefore, we have to establish patient guidelines that enable us to achieve this practice goal.